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Hi, I'm Calypso.  I am a custom built Z51 C7 Corvette.  I was specified by Pete Neild, and I live with him in Poway CA.  You can learn a lot about Calypso's creation on the Pod-Cast page.  This Vlog is about our adventures together.  If you have any questions or recommendations about this Vlog site, please let him know.

Tel: 858 775-6714

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Here is the order sheet, complete with prices.  Items in blue were the selected items, in black were the possibilities.  Some of the underlined (Links) work some do not.  Due to a "confusion" (watch the podcasts) the December 13th order was not accepted.  The final order for the Museum Delivery and custom features was accepted February 11, 2014.

If you wish to actually read either my Window Sticker or the Build-sheet, you can see both on this PDF.  It is important to note that the "Window" Sticker was never actually placed on my  Window.  It was handed to Pete at the time of delivery.  The Built Sheet was also provided to him, after the tour of the manufacturing plant.  Additionally, his tour re-enforced his belief about the fact that the basic "car" was untouched by human hands up to the point where the build sheet "options" were added in.  At that point the great people at the Bowling Green Plant finished the job.  These are seen in the two videos on the Calypso Music Playlist at the beginning of the list, and the links to their placement on this list is shown here.

Now true the actual build starts at the 0:35 second mark of "C7 Machine" and the hand placed parts only occupy the first 30 seconds of "Follow The Sun".  If you want more detail, the check out "The DELIVERY Book" on the "Stories Page".

Note that the frame / chassis are not touched by human hands.  Totally built by machine.  The video is courtesy of the National Corvette Museum Tour and Delivery program.

The still pictures at the beginning of this video ARE of Calypso during the "hands on" portion of construction.  The car in the foreground of every picture IS Calypso.  And again these pictures are courtesy of the National Corvette Museum Tour and Delivery program.  These and many more can be seen in the "DELIVERY" book with the link above to the "Stories Page".

The rationale behind all the videos on this web-site.

This Web-Site, covers lots of memories, the planning, the purchase, and the hopefully never ending adventures.  Calypso's life begins of course at the factory, and the closest human interaction starts with the Museum Delivery - Covered on the next page.

Two very fine places where Calypso was purchased and where she is cared for.  Both places are excellent when it comes to attention and care.  Bob Stall gets a slight edge on Custom Orders due to their "Allocation"; and Courtesy gets a slight edge on Service.  The pictures here are links to their sites.

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