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Delivery Option - R8C

An option you are constantly reminded of on the center console and on the door jam, every time you get in your car.

When ordering a custom Corvette, a key option to consider is the Museum Delivery at a minimum.  The Museum Delivery option is known as the R8C option.  It is the least involving of the three purchaser involved options lasting only one day.  The other two; Engine Build and Vehicle Build are each week long activities.  The impact of the R8C option which could be compounded with the other two add an immense layer of memories lasting a lifetime.  Virtually every page of this web-site has a connection to Calypso's delivery with the exception of "Shows" and "Wrecks".  This page as a part of the "Home" page menu is an expansion of the "About" page.

BUT first - please watch this video.  It was made by a friend of a friend and it truly captures the incredible depth of the Museum itself - from a very unique perspective.  And thank you Robin and Nate.

Now properly enticed what follows is a guide through Calypso's web-site where you can visit the aspects of HER Museum Delivery, a single day's memories. 

(This capability is being created, and will appear shortly.)

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