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I have had two wrecks with Calypso.  Meaning she has been damaged by others.  Most people would not call them "wrecks"; most would call them "dings".  But Corvettes don't "ding", they suffer damage, due to the material they are made of.  Most Metal cars suffer from parking lot "dings" and in some cases the paint is damaged.  Corvettes very rarely will suffer paint damage due to a parking lot "ding" circumstances.  If they are hit to the point where the paint is affected, it is beyond a "ding" it falls into the category of a "Wreck" because body work must be performed.


There are only two videos on this page, however there are some videos, associated with the repairs of the damage - there are links to the "On Calypso" page where those videos are shown.

Wreck 1 = Two parts

Wreck 2

Part 1 = BMW impact

Part 2 = Body Shop Incident

Photo Dec 07, 9 34 12 AM.jpg

December 7th 2014

Pearl Harbor Day!

A BMW backed into me in a parking lot.

BUT - the repair of that led to January 25th 2015 - the second incident.

On the day I was picking up Calypso from the BMW incident repair; the shop truck at the repair shot snagged Calypso's front bumper and tore it off.


In the first part of this "BMW Incident" the interior of the door was checked to insure that all the internals were OK.  If the internal frame and mechanisms were OK then it would be a simple paint repair, as the body panel itself popped back into shape following the incident.  It was determined that the internals were fine and none of them had been exposed to any impact.  Therefore the paint was removed to the body panel material and smoothed to prevent future cracking.

November 30th 2019

Parked in a Home Depot Parking lot a guy over-shot his parking space and rolled into Calypso.

He remained parked there and went into the store.  I was told by another shopper of the incident, so I waited for driver's return.  When he did we examined the damage, traded Insurance information and I was off on the resolution for Wreck #2.

At that point the panel was removed from the car as was the front fender, both panels were sent to the paint shop, where it sat for a week awaiting the Laguna Blue Tint Coat Paint from Bowling green.  The paint used in Calypso's manufacture was found and applied.

Photo Jan 15, 9 26 12 AM.jpg

It is interesting to note that "the shop" over bought the paint when Part 2 took place.  The very same paint used in Wreck #1 was used in the repair of Wreck # 2, 5 years later.

Wreck #2 was very "simple" in comparison to Wreck #1 Part 2.  So this page will continue on with pictures and links to that story, while Wreck #2 will end with this link to the "On" Calypso page where the completion of Wreck #2 is portrayed with videos.

Photo Jan 15, 9 26 01 AM.jpg
Oil System
Photo Jan 15, 9 22 30 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 15, 9 24 10 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 15, 9 23 09 AM.jpg

While she was "opened up" I did a lot of careful study on the Dry Sump Oil system; identical to that used in the C7R.  It is remarkable engineering for CAUSE.

Watch the video posted below for the reason why DRY SUMP OIL SYSTEM is important.

Dry Sump

Oil System

Down here at the bottom of the Wreck Page yet another video.  Now all of the "Wrecks", two of them have NOT been my fault.  But to be fair there is another incident that I am not proud of, because I DID IT.  Everyone is familiar with my SHAKA when at Spring Mountain.  But no one knows, until now, what happened a little earlier in that session.

I, myself inflicted damage to Calypso.  I hit an apogee cone, at speed.

There now you have it.  True confessions time.  PS the evidence is now gone.  Meaning I didn't HAVE TO post this.

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