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Other YouTube Playlists

Each of the pictures below of YouTube Playlists are inspired by my love of Calypso, and the C7 Corvette which spanned the years from 2012 to 2019.  Now true, the C7 was in production from 2014 through 2019, but some of the videos on these playlists pre-date the actual production.  There are three groups of playlists; Assorted Calypso pages, Calypso Research Playlists, and Spring Mountain with the C7R appended in that group.  While indeed some of the videos are mine, MOST are videos done by others and are on their playlists - but here you have access to them, all together.  As an example the six playlists of the 24hours of Daytona from 2014 through 2019; all of these playlists are courtesy of the IMSA racing organization.

As of the date of this pages creation, it is planned that there will be 16 Playlists containing a little over 500 videos!!

Additionally there are 3 playlists of my creation and specifically about Calypso on the Music Menu.

Assorted Calypso Pages

Assorted Calypso Pages

Six playlists featuring Calypso.  Many of the individual videos can be found elsewhere on this web-site in context.  However listed on this page, they are referenced to the YouTube Playlist where they can be found.  I am constantly working videos and they will first show up on one of these lists, OR on the Music Page; before they are placed on a dedicated web-page on this site.

Research Pages

Calypso Research Pages

Before I bought Calypso, I owned a C5 Convert.  When rumors of the C7 started to come out, I started getting everything I could off the internet on anything to do with the C7.  YouTube searches were no exception.  These four playlists contain videos mostly from other sites, that I used as for entertainment and education as my interest in the C5 waned and the C7 grew.  Some of my "educational" videos show up on these lists here and there.

Spring Mountain and C7R

Spring Mountain                               C7R

While my visits to Spring Mountain are highly featured on the Track pages of this site; not ALL the videos are shown.  Two of the following playlists cover all of my videos from both visits to date.

THEN there is a list of Playlists for the C7R.  One of my own creation, but also listed are the IMSA playlists for the six years of C7R races at Daytona for the 24hour races.

I don't know why I am fascinated so much by the 24 Hours of Daytona, and NOT Le Mans - But I am.  And here are the links to the Playlists when the C7's were racing.  Sorry I don't follow the C8s.

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