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San Diego County Rides

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In the order of creation including the one right below here.

On the "Stories" page on the "Written Stuff" menu and shown here, is the PDF file of one of my books, "Calypso Does San Diego County".  This page goes beyond that book that inspired it.   "In My own way" found on the Music page , inspired the idea to let people see where on a map videos took place.  If you click on the icon to the right here it will open a file that is the inspirational book.  It will open in a separate tab and allow you to take a look at it.  You can also download the file so that you can read it at some other time in the future and you can continue your tour of the site.  But know that there is another way of looking at the "Doing San Diego County".  And this method uses Google Earth which allows access to video's of the tours of San Diego County from the map vantage point, with the "map" being my Rides in Calypso around San Diego County.

IF you have no interest in San Diego Topography or the mapping there of, you can go directly to the San Diego County Play-list on You Tube, with this link; when you get there read the description.  OR scroll down to the bottom of this page where they are also listed.

Note that, THIS PAGE Below



The paper clip ICON shown here directly below on the left is the "County Rides" file.  It is a KMZ file and it is a map file that will open in Google Earth.  If you click on the ICON it will download to your computer.  THEN, you can open that file and it will open Google Earth with the Calypso San Diego County Ride file.  Once the map is open it will show you a map with many things added, most show you the adventures of the trips that were behind the making of the Book "Calypso Does San Diego County".  BUT, some of them are links to the videos taken on other trips made around the county.  Use the controls of Google Earth, to zoom into different parts of the county and the "Rides", those in green are YouTube Video Links.  Pointing and clicking on the video links will open YouTube within Google Earth and allow you to also connect to YouTube if you wish.

The two videos directly below will show you how to open the file in Google Earth and use it's controls, to watch the videos.

Browser Version (RecomMended)

I am currently working on this page, such that you will be able to click the map shown below, which will open Google Earth as a Browser with the "County Ride" File open.


(If anyone knows how to do this please contact me so I can learn.)

BUT FOR NOW.  You can certainly click on the "Google Earth PRO" Icon on the right and download/install it on your PC, or you can click on the ICON on the LEFT, and that will take you to the Browser version (recommended) of Google Earth and you can upload the "Project", which is the file below (the "ATT" Icon with the paper clip).  It is important to note that the 360 view videos are NOT viewable in the YouTube 360 mode, if viewed from the installed PRO version on the left.  360 View videos ARE shown in the 360 mode in the Browser version (on the right).

Installed Version

Once you have "Google Earth" open and can open the file/Project.  Any item shown in Green is a link to a YouTube Video.  And note I will be adding more videos and links as time progresses.  (Note a push pin in Dark Blue is a 360 video, which will allow you to look around, IF viewed in YouTube OR in the Browser version of Google Earth.)  Anything in any other color is either a "Google Earth" item, or it pertains to the book "Calypso Does San Diego County".

As you zoom in and tour the map in Google Earth, anything in Light Blue color, are links back to the appropriate page on this web-site.  

As you get more familiar with Google Earth and this particular File, you will note that it has folders, which can be turned off and on depending on what you wish to view.  HAVE FUN.



Palomar Mt.

SD Desert Ride

San Diego "Beach" Ride


Along the way

Be sure to stop sometime for some great genuine Italian food at Parioli's Italian Bistro.  Seen at the 6:29 mark of this video.  Lunch or Dinner (closed Mondays).  647 S. Hwy 101 Solana Beach

First of two

First of three

City of Poway

One of the most photographed locations in Poway - Poway Lake

The beginning of COVID "Stay at Home"  March 21, 2020.  Videos taken at all the shopping centers in town.

"Stay at home" pretty much restricted my "tours" for a bit.  Then in the latter part of 2020 - I went touring, hence this page.

Moonshadow by Yusuf, inspired this video of Driving into Poway during the Snow Moon 2021.  At that time the moon rose out of the east at 70 degrees, lined up with my driveway and Scripps Poway Parkway.  Hence the motivation.

Scripps Poway PRKY is a great road, that enters Poway from the South East, and it drops out of the hills with the "City" of Poway coming into view on the north side (right side in the videos) - gradually being revealed.  I plan on adding another video of the same "tour" when the moon rise is aligned with my street, and Scripps Poway PKWY, but LIT next time.

CC Courts

City of Poway - Candy Cane Courts

Not actually a "Ride" or a "Tour", but I did leave the driveway.  And yeah, Calypso is in it.  Here is a drive through my neighborhood at Christmas in 2018.  It's a 360 video, probably best played on YouTube directly.

I am open to suggestions for the next


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