This is a page of videos that are not necessarily a part of a "BIG" trip.  They could be, but it is not a requirement.  Most of these videos are just videos (with music) of roads that inspired me, or vise versa.  The first set of three are from a short lived project where I was playing a YouTube game with others, where the object was to guess what road you were taking your C7 on.  It lasted a short while in 2014 and 15.  Of course there are hints - but see if you can properly identify them.  I'll give you a hint - PJN1 and PJN2, as well as Morning Drive are in San Diego County and are featured on the San Diego County page - WITH Mapping, so you can know exactly where they are.

I'll be adding more "Find new roads" videos as time progresses.  

The videos below are just other videos of Calypso rides put to music.  They are all YouTube Videos and if you want to know more about them - use the link to the YouTube app presentation and read the comment section.

I warn you this one is 33 minutes long.

I put this here because the Music Page is getting a little crowded.  This is the Music Highway literally ON Route 66, east of Albuquerque, NM.  They have grooved the pavement such that at 45MPH it plays America the Beautiful.  It didn't exist for my Route 66 Trip.  So I had to hit it on my 2019 Cross-Country Trip; I went a little out of my way just to cross this off the bucket list.

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