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Here are Calypso's Coffee Table Books.  I'm sorry I can't give you the actual books as they are not "published".  But here they are as PDF Files.  And yes these are the same books that are featured in some of the Pod-Casts.

Shown here in the light blue text are links to the other short stories on this page.  Most are PDF files for your reading pleasure.  But some have videos, one of the videos is the story about the "Shaka" at speed that can be seen in the title section of each page on this web-site.  Truly a great moment.

Which Car Is My Last Car

There are several aspects behind my decision to buy Calypso, this is one of them.  In August of 2020 the news started to discuss the idea that the Corvette might be making the transition to being an Electric Vehicle (EV).  Back in 2012 and 2013, I was thinking about what would be my last car.  This is one topic NOT covered in the Corvette Happiness Pod-Cast, so here it is on the slight entertainment of the idea that Corvette might be going EV in the not too distant future.

National Corvette Museum

The "Delivery Book" above fully documents the Calypso part of the R8C "Museum Delivery Option" that I bought into, and fought hard for with Mike Polite and Shane Webb.  And the page "Museum Delivery" covers it in lots of detail.  But that's only one part of the story.  And yes the TWO major stories are spread all over this web-site, but here are two focused videos.  One on "THE DAY" where I was introduced to Calypso by Larry Crosbie, who was not only my instructor, but my groups escort for the whole day.  The second video is about the day that I got to take Calypso on the track there at the museum.  The PDF to the right will tell you lots more about the two videos below, in addition to a slew of links to other aspects of these two GREAT DAYS.

First Visit - Delivery - July 29,2014

Second Visit - Track - May 22, 2019

What will follow here are pdf files of stories about Calypso that are written on request.  There will be stories of what Calypso and I have done over the years, stories I have told to people and if requested have been written down.  If when you see something on the other pages or FB you want to know more about it - just ask.  It will show up here.  Some may have associated videos that are not shown on this site.  If so, they will be included.  Here is a video on the first seven years.  From the place when Calypso was first started - to October of 2021.

A C7 over 7 over Time
Always Liked Blue

Apparently I have always liked Blue Converts

My obsession with the Laguna Blue color of Calypso keeps coming up in a number of different ways.  Before I started thinking seriously about buying Calypso, my infatuation with BLUE CONVERTIBLES was put into writing.  And now that the topic keeps coming up in conversations, I needed a readily accessible location for passing the story along.  SO here is the link:


Why I own an iPhone

By my email address and all other outward visible characteristics, you would never figure me to be an "iPhone" dude.  And yet with all my electronic devices - I do own an iPhone and no other Apple products.  This is the story as to WHY that is.  BUT the story doesn't end here.  Please visit the "In Calypso" page for more on the Infotainment System.

Why #74

The Story about "74"

One of the more frequently asked questions about Calypso and the videos and pictures on this web-site is the presence of the number 74 associated with Calypso.  Here is the story behind that number.

Wrinkle in Time

The Story about "The Wrinkle in Time"

(Or you can listen to it @ the 31:20 mark of the Long Beach Grand Prix Pod-cast - - - OR leave this site and go to John Riley Pod-casts.)

JBL + Bose

The Story about "You're saying that to me like it's a good thing." (JBL v. Bose)

112 Shaka

The 112 MPH Shaka

There is a story that goes with this video.  And the video is about the Picture in the upper left corner of every page of this web-site.  The two videos, one to the right and just below "show" the story.  The background story as a PDF is now found below and to the right, along with 2 videos supporting page 2 of the PDF.

A special Thank You to my friend Mike Smith, who spent the day at different points on the track getting videos like this one.  ~30 seconds work every three minutes or so.

The background


B777 and Calypso

Over 100 you be Flyin'

During COVID my son and grandson visited us.  I decided to map out the trip for my Grandson.  In so doing I became fixated with the speed with which the B777 he was on, took off.  So I analyzed it with the Flightradar24 data that I had for the documentation of the trip.  And then I compared it to a recent "run" in Calypso.  Well you can read the rest and review the analysis on this PDF.

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