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Here are some of my YouTube Music Videos that don't exactly "Fit" on the pages on Road Trips or Calypso Track Time:

Follow the Sun

Calypso being built, Route 66 and First Year Pics.  2:56

The Sun by Parov Stelar Featuring Graham Candy 

San Diego Country Tour Pics.   3:24

Part Two - In my Own Way by Ray LaMontagne

Antonio Garcia by himself at VIR in 2014.   3:00

Dream of Flying by Brian Crane

 C7 Corvette fully Automated Frame Assembly = MACHINE.   7:27

Machine by Pink Floyd

Calypso @ Three years Old   3:44

The System only Dreams by The National

Calypso @ Five years Old    2:17

The Old House by Mark Orton

No "Racing stuff" with the "track" videos here, just memories of good times.

Second set of Six

A lap and an bit around the Mansel Course at Spring Mountain     5:50

Whisper a Thrill by Thomas Newman

Emphasis on still shots of Calypso on the Mansel Course           3:37

Sand by Nathan Lanier

Memories of my last lap from Corvette Track Days           4:25

Beyond this Moment by Patrick O'Hearn

Bowling Green                                                                                    3:28

Bowling Green by the Everly Brothers. Circe 1967

A lap around the AutoClub Speedway in LA                   2:19

I Get Around by the Beach Boys

Expanding Group

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel   East Coast Trip 2019                       13:12

A bit of a quandary here.  Because of the length of the music and the video itself PLUS the fact that the music fits the feat. 


But I also feel that the story must be told - about the "Trip".  So this could be suitably posted on any one of three pages.  But, it ended up here.  If you want to skip to JUST the music.  Click this link.

Fanfare for the Common Man by ELP

Homes of the past  East Coast Trip 2019                      3:26

Living in the Past by Jethro Tull

On the "People" page you will be introduced to, as we both say about each other and in this case MY "Lifelong Friend" Gary Maddock.  He accused me of "Living in the Past" with a reminder of the piece by Jethro Tull.  He was right so I put the music to "drive-bys" of our homes back in Rhode Island during my trip back east.

Gary can be found in a # of places around this web-site and elsewhere in my life.  Two examples:

In the Route 66 Trip @

You can see his perspective of the Corkscrew @

There is a fairly boring stretch of road in central California that goes from Paso Robles to Lost Hills. 

It's Highway 41. 

But more known in my demographic age group as the James Dean Highway.  Dah Cooz and I did this road in 2019, and we both agreed that this ride needs to be put to "James Dean" by the Eagles.

The unfortunate fact is, that piece of music on YouTube is copy-righted to the extent of "BLOCKED" if you use it.

SO, this is what I think is more fitting anyway.

The story behind this video and it's sound track is a little long to be added here.  So the PDF by the same name as the Video will tell you the story behind this piece of Music and Calypso.

"Echoes" by Pink Floyd comes in two different versions; I picked the shorter of the two for this piece.  I have been fascinated by this particular piece of music since my early days riding submarines.  The simulated sonar "ping" always reminds me of that time.  So there is a slight connection between this piece and those days.

The second piece has nothing to do with Calypso - just the evolution of submerging in a submarine, and it's "Way Down We Go" impact on me.

Check out the ship's plaques on the wall behind me on the ELSD video.



you can "see" a lot more on my

SeeStories eBook website.

Echoes and Dive Dive

January 2020 = Back in January I made a video of my 2019 Parade lap at Laguna Seca.  I put it to the piece of music "Lost but Won" by Hans Zimmer.  A couple of days later I learned that Neil Peart had died.  The piece of Music "Red Barchetta" was almost exactly the same length.  It seemed a natural.  So both were on my YouTube playlist, this Web-site didn't exist yet.

In June I posted them here - but at the same time, I solicited a poll on my FB page asking which one "fit" better.  Hence the anchor label "Rush" or "Rush?".  One being the title of the movie, and / or the Band.

June 2020 = These two videos are showing up here strictly because of the room.  You will note that visually they are IDENTICAL except for two things.  The first difference is the YouTube Title.  The second is the music.  I made the video on the left first; but then Neil Peart passed away, and even though Calypso is NOT Red.  I felt I had to change the music to the video I had just made.  

September 2020 = I turned this posting into a Poll; asking which version of the identical video "fit" with which piece of music.  The one on the right WON that poll.  But, a couple of the responses were indeed for the Han Zimmer "Lost but Won"  (from the movie Rush).  Also, I took some criticism over the limited view.  SO, I have now edited this posting such that the video's are now different.  The video on the left is the Hans Zimmer "Lost but Won" with a 360 video of my 2018 Parade Laps, and the one on the right is the 2019 Parade laps put to "Red Barchetta" by Rush (Tribute to Neil Peart).

On a related "Convergent Coil" that is an outcome of my friendship, and motivation with Bill Stringfellow.  I am adding this video of my 2019 Parade Lap, with it's 360 video ability.  The music is provided by a member of what was Rushmore, and their live performance of "Red Barchetta".  This highlight, is the link to their YouTube video.

"Eureka Moments" are one thing to study and learn from, but when coupled to a "Convergent Coil"; it involves other people in this case 5 people living their lives and by happen-chance, we share different appreciations of what is Calypso.

The two of us that share this circle have another junction, with a third member.  Click here to visit that tangent.

Classical Gas

With the period of transition to EV from ICE that we are living in, I felt it appropriate to put to music, two fading concepts, with some oldie but goodies; Fuel and Horse Power.  The first concept is fuel with "Classical Gas", and the second that captures the last transition; which was from Horses to Horse Power.

Back in 1968, Mason William's CLASSICAL GAS represented something entirely different to me, than what it does now.  Back then it represented my thinking of escape from home and the adventure I was to embark on.  My plans for joining the Navy was already a work in progress (actually leaving in 1969).

Then in April of 1978, Jethro Tull released HEAVY HORSES, at the same time I was leaving the Navy.  The song named perhaps after the Clydesdale draught (draft-horses), the largest breed of horses coming from Northern Scotland.  Intended for powerful work and military  uses.

The video above traces the "Gas" (classical it may be) through Calypso, and the video to the right focuses on the creation of "Horse Power" by the amazing machine called Calypso.

480 HORSES @ the Crankshaft.

361 @ the wheels.  Not bad for an advertised 455HP engine.  Regardless they are HEAVY HORSES.

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