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Listed here are some "Papers" that I have written about Calypso or C7s in general.  Also included are the links to any associated YouTube Videos about the paper.  This list starts off with my research into the Carbon Fiber Dash listed below is the first bit of research into my discoveries about Marco Polo and the connection to my Carbon Fiber Dash.

Here are some links to the other topics further down this page.  Also check out the "Stories" page there is more there.

Marco Polo and Carbon Fiber

What has Marco Polo got to do with my Carbon Fiber Dash


ELSD -Electronic Limited Slip Differential

Calypso wasn't even a day old when I had my first experience with the benefit of having the ELSD option.  This option comes into play at the Apexes of a goodly number of turns on various tracks, but this was the first experience under road conditions.

There is no "paper" that I have written on this topic.  I pretty much cover it in the video.  


Early in 2012, I started to practice what I needed to do, to reduce the time I had to wait at the exit from my neighborhood.  I needed to comply with the law, but waiting for an opportunity to merge into the extensive traffic @ 45 to 50 MPH on the main street, created an unreasonable amount of time to wait for the "Green", especially when from the right lane; you don't trigger the sensor.  The lights are set up for "on-demand".  One car waiting to turn right, just doesn't trigger the light change sensor.  I learned that my C5 was just not set up for the task, as you will see in the video to the left.  THEN ELSD in the C7 came along, with another benefit.

ELSD provides the tools to solve the issue of RIGHT TURN ON RED.  (note it is not answered in the paper - you figure it out.)

Exhaust Sounds

Exhaust Sounds

Calypso Exhaust Sounds



While in actuality, not "a paper"; my work in the Heart Force Science Group motivated the creation of this video.  It focuses on my preoccupation with "Time", Force and Acceleration and how precious every moment is.  Here is a video I call Seconds and the one lap at Spring Mountain which took exactly that - 200 seconds, or TWO HUNDRED HEART BEATS.

Track Time is a valuable part of Calypso's Life, you can see more on the Tracks and Detail Pages.

Solar Jake

Solar Jake

I first discovered "Solar Jake" on the 14th of June 2015, just before the Summer Solstice.  Here are some Face Book links; from the first discovery following a car wash to the 21st which was the solstice.  And note also that "Solar Jake" became my "Profile Picture" on FB for awhile.  

SOLAR JAKE is NOT designed into the C7 Corvette, it is strictly a accidental function of moving to the rectangular tail-lights.  If you want to get a picture of the Hidden JAKE in your C7 read the PDF file, it will walk you through setting up the conditions shown on the left.

I have been asked many times about my decision to select the "Automatic" for Calypso, instead of the "Manual".  This is a discussion that borders on the political.  But at my age and the maturity of the technology, I will present my thinking with regards to my selection of the "Automatic".  The PDF file is a little tongue-in-cheek two page discussion on the subject, and the two videos present "my thinking".  And that "thinking" is presented in the PDF - CONTROLS.

Calypso is an Automatic

Automatic or Manual

This clip was taken from the North County Corvette Club "Dyno Day" at the JBA Speed Shop in San Diego.  The underlined name makes it a link take you to that FaceBook Post.  (PS Calypso was second best on that day.)  BUT the point is; gears 1 though 3 get you to FOURTH, which is demonstrated here.

As I said, the discussions about Manual or Automatic will go on forever.  But in this video, I try to present my argument with going with the Automatic.  With the understanding you only need to move from 1st gear to 4th; as the point in the video to the left here takes over from there.

So here is a little story about six speed transmissions, prefaced with my familiarity with them.  It's not about Calypso.  But provides the history behind my playing with electronically controlled shifting.

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