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Car Show Stories

At Car Shows and sometimes just ordinary conversations, some of the classic motivations come up that describe why and how a love for a Corvette began.  The love of Calypso complies with several as you can witness throughout this website.  But here on this page the "classic" stories of motivation as they pertain to Calypso are presented when they can presented consisely.

A Guy on my Street had one.

Shown here is the classic Corvette advertisement done by Porter Chevrolet, and posted on YouTube in 2015, after I had purchased Calypso, but I was still awaiting delivery.  It presents the story of a kid who sees a Corvette in his neighborhood and motivates him to own his own.  Unfortunately, the kid grows up and passes away never having achieved his goal of owning a Corvette.

I'm glad I made my move when I turned 50, because those first 15 years were just stepping stones on my way to Calypso.

Calypso's tie to this classic beginning of the love of Corvettes is represented by a short drive that I provided to my neighbor's son.

This seventeen second video was the beginning of it.

The culmination was the purchase of his first Corvette.

Hopefully many more will follow.

That 17 second video briefly covers the initial ride.  The purchase of his Corvette was just so typical of what can be a life-long dream, except this one took place in just seven years.

I had to post it on the FaceBook page "Simply Corvettes" where it was very well received strictly, I believe, because the story is so typical.  Two of the first comments made note of that.

PS I also posted the video on my own FB page.  Not just the pictures that I posted on "Simply Corvettes".

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