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The "ON" Calypso page is where I put pictures and videos of things I have added to Calypso to enhance (in my opinion) the whole concept of Calypso.  Much of which is covered in the Pod-Casts.

Each picture will have a short description of WHY it was added.  But the videos, well you're just gonna have to watch them.

Such as this video -------->>>>

(controls are at the bottom of the screen. 

Hover on the screen to reveal them.)

Scroll down to see all of the "things on" Calypso.  In the order I did them.  I will be adding them as I create this part of the story.

Vanity Plate Decoded

The FIRST thing I put on Calypso was the plate frame.  Larry Hofer at the Corvette Shop told me that if I bought a C7, that I should buy the extended warranty.  He said if I did I would never see him again.  Calypso and I have gone to visit, but he hasn't worked on her at all, but he always did a great job with Black Rose (my C4) and my C5, which was inspired by him.  SO Calypso has a "Corvette Shop" Frame to honor his friendship and the hours he spent making me love my Corvettes.

You will also note that the "Tags" show 2016.  That was the last time I was stopped by the police.  Not to worry though, all the subsequent tags are in the glove compartment.  IF, when, or ever I get stopped again; I will update this page of the web-site.  The secret is - Don't get Caught.


. . . .  So the "vanity plate" became, C74PJN because; yes Calypso IS a C7 and she is 4 (for) Peter J. Neild, hence C74PJN.  On the track her # is always #74; as is her mini-me on Butterwood Raceway.  And yes I am a Veteran of the Submarine Service, but that is a whole 'nother story.

Originally, on February 19th 2014 after Production finally got the order I had to order the plates.  I ordered "14PETE", click on the picture to get that story.  But later the DMV told me that 14Pete was illegal as it was a gang symbolic.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



I talk about the SECOND "thing" I put "On" Calypso; Xpel protective coating.  Installed twice now by Eddie at Autoshield I go over the product and the service provided by Eddie's company.

Xpel by Autoshield


Cameras from PDR to VIRB360

While not actually "On" Calypso, and I'm not really sure about the order of things.  I talk about the PDR option which Calypso does NOT have; and the slow gradual move to GARMIN VIRB and VIRB 360 technology and the App Harry Lap Timer.  All collecting a plethora of data from the car via the OBDII device which is very customize-able. I concentrate on what is provided by the device, in this case an android product.

VIRB 360 and an Interstellar view aka Gargantua 

The VIRB 360 Camera takes some thinking about.  In re-thinking some of the visualization of the Movie Interstellar, I came across a thought about the editing process of the 360 x 360 format into that of standard 16:9 viewing.  This video walks you through the thinking process and provides a different perspective of how to view captured video with the VIRB 360 camera.  I started experimenting with these different views on the SDAM Run.

I highly recommend you use the connection to YouTube to watch this video - obviously you don't have to.  But this video's posting on YouTube will have links to some of the 360 videos, which are best watched using the YouTube 360 viewing tools.

The video to the right provides you with yet another view of what is available from a 360 Camera.  The summation of the two hemispheres properly "stitched" together provide you with a different vantage point.

Now that I know this, I have to be more mindful than ever about the composition of the video that is taken.  Not only do I have to consider what is directly "in front" of the camera along the horizontal plane.  But I have to think about the view in all directions at the same time, left, right, up, down - all around.

Multiple Camera angles takes on a whole new meaning when it is all at once.

ZO6 Grill

ZO6 Grill

A major change to Calypso before the end of her first year was the change to the Front Grill.  Making the discovery that a ZO6 grill would fit in the same hole, the move was an obvious choice.

This video tells the story, about the "issue", how it came to be, and details of why it was a major change.  Thanks to the crew of the Body Shop at Bob Stall for making it happen.

Also mentioned is the change of the Dashboard to Carbon Fiber, but that is best told with the "Paper".

Courtesy Lights

Courtesy Light

And a little night-time elegance.


New Windshield - Poway All Star Glass

Following the Tornado Debris damage on my Cross country trip.

The entire team at Poway's All Star Glass does a perfect windshield replacement.  Followed by a trip back to Autoshield for the decal replacement.  Repeat performances of "On" Calypso by great people in both places.

Discount Tire

Tires and Discount Tire

Something I keep putting "On" Calypso are the tires.  I have it done at Discount Tire, usually here in Poway.  But there was a time when on a Road Trip; that story was amazing.  You can either go to the Podcast page, or use this link to skip to the "story​" on YouTube directly.  

  BUT this video, while providing a connection to the big story; tells of something either stupid on my part, or something you should be aware of, that is shown on the picture below.  In this instance while all the tires were worn, one stuck out and is what prompted the "early" tire change.

If you "do" oval tracks - something to think about.

  BUT this video, while providing a connection to the big story; tells of something either stupid on my part, or something you should be aware of, that is shown on the picture here on the right.  In this instance while all the tires were worn, one stuck out and is what prompted the "early" tire change.

If you "do" oval tracks - something to think about.

BUT the Saga continues.  December of 2021 I changed the tires again.  That was following parade laps at Bowling Green, Watkins Glen, and a poor showing at Spring Mountain to say nothing of the round trip across the country in 2019.  When the tires were removed at Discount Tire here in Poway, I was surprised to see the SAME wear on the front right tire.  SO - back to a "different" place to do the alignment.  I chose to go to a new place, and after checking a few places here in Poway; I decided to go to a neighbors place. BRAKE STOP.


But first a side bar

I am sorry to say that the "BRAKE STOP" in Poway has been sold.  Tony and his compadres have left.  I gave the new owners a chance with a recent oil change attempt.  They went about it completely wrong and I put a stop to the actual oil change.  Note that the link above is still active, and will connect you to their website for their four other locations; perhaps one is convenient for you.  

Yes, I'm a little picky about the people that work on Calypso.  Even a simple oil change is an important aspect.  I remember constantly driving Calypso of all the details such as the Dry Sump Oil System that is so very important if you drive aggressively.  I learned of these issues back in my Navy days on Diesel Submarines.  (Which you can read about here - "SeeStories".)

The video you see playing at the right is the testing that GM did for solving the problem of high G Forces on traditional engine oil systems.  When driving a Corvette with the 6.2-liter LT1 V-8, you are going to subject that engine to all kinds of very radical Gravity Forces.  Believe me a DRY SUMP OIL SYSTEM is a requirement.

Therefore the place that does the oil change has to do it right.

Now for the story about tires and alignment:

It wasn't long before Tony had more miles on Calypso and her 4th set of tires (5th if you count the originals), than I did.  He put her up on the rack and shortly discovered that the "toe" was beyond the limit.  And it perfectly described the nature of the wear I had experienced AGAIN.  BUT also remaining is the WHY.  So this saga is going to continue for the next 10 or 20 thousand miles, give or take.  


AND we agreed that I will put about a thousand more miles on Calypso, and then I will bring her back in to have the alignment checked again.  You can expect an update as to the cause of this issue with the right front tire.  They never aligned it properly, there is something wrong that allows for it to go out of whack, OR it is my propensity for taking 90 degree turns in the mid-forties to mid-fifties (MPH).


As agreed . . . I went back to have it checked again.  NO LONG TRIPS - NO TRACK TIME.  Just the normal around town and short trip agenda.


Check out the two PDF reports of the alignment.  Only one correction to make.  The mileage on the second test shows the original mileage.  Actual is 64,706.

While I was there.

Calypso now just shy of her 8th Birthday is now considered a "used" car, and therefore the State of California DMV requires a SMOG CHECK.

So now she has officially been checked to be within the required state requirements for an ICE, thanks to J.D. coming in precisely on time.

This FIRST one, was very simple - essentially did it have all the components required to PASS.

Calypso is now officially a SMOG FREE ICE.

Badges and Stickers

Stickers and Badges

The 2014 C7 Corvette came out with Chrome Badging.  In January of 2015 when that year's car's parts started to become available one of the first things I did was remove all the Chrome Badging and replaced it with the Black.  You will note that while I do have the lettering for the back bumper, it is not on Calypso.  When I was removing the Chrome letters one at a time, I took a liking to the plain look without the lettering.  So I never put the black on.  It's in my office looking for the right spot.  But a couple of years later, when I got really wrapped up in the Corvette Racing Teamwork, and their celebration of 20 years - I created the decal that you will see here.

For more on the 20 years - click on the picture.

One of the vendors at the 2019 Plastic Fantastic was selling the Z51 emblems, and I found a spot for them as well, just a tiny bit of separation for being "Special".

In addition to the two other Spring Mountain Stickers (seeen below) on the rear side windows is this one.  It somewhat offsets the Harley Sticker.

Another sticker on Calypso, is the Maui Harley Davidson Sticker.  Back in the days of renting Harley's in Hawaii, this sticker got me discounts for advertising here in San Diego.

While done almost as soon as I got her, the light black out kits were applied almost immediately and are being redone (wear and tear) again now in 2020.

Slower Traffic

Perhaps the most infamous and easily seen sticker, and by far the one that starts lots of conversations is the "Slower Traffic ->" window decal from Left Lane (note their website is down at the moment.  I will refresh when it is up again.)  I believe that I put this sticker on in Calypso's third year.  Initially as a joke; but when I discovered, that it actually works out on the open road - it became a keeper.  PLUS it gets a lot of attention at Car Shows and always leads to great conversations.

Slower Traffic (Keep Right) 

The two rear-side windows, which are virtually useless for visibility, BUT they are a great location for the stickers that are conversation starters.  On the driver's side is the State of Hawaii sticker that I modified slightly with the sting-ray logo.  This is there because of my love for that State - If I didn't have mainland based family, I would be there in heart-beat.  On the passenger side my stickers from the National Corvette Museum membership and the North County Corvette Club are found there.  Then the most recent "sticker" additions; those of the tracks that Calypso has been on.  Visit the track page for more on them.

Web-Site Card

Web-Site Cards by JRC Print Shop

Finally, here is something that goes "ON" and off of Calypso, off when she's moving.  Shawn @ JRC Print Shop here in Poway, when I described what I wanted to do; designed and printed these two sided cards as Web-Site Hand-outs.  He also came up with the idea for the QR code, which will become 'stickers' at some point so that there is always a link to this web-site.  The guy is Genius!!  Don't take my word for it - look at their reviews on Google and YELP.  These little 3"x3" cards are small enough to fit in the built in card stands (air intakes), yet large enough to stand-out and not get confused with business cards.  A new hand-out for the car shows.

Zaino Bros.

I have been using Sal Zaino's products for 20 years.  The C4 and the C5 needed the full-up treatment, but even they eventually got to the "quarterly" treatment.  Calypso started at that point and has a once a year and this "quarterly treatment".  This short video in the first half explains what that is, and the second half it shows the process (slightly) sped up.  

And note that NOTHING

sticks to Zaino.  I made up a QR Code for Calypso's Web-site and the damned tape would not stick to the car.  It fell right off.

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