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Calypso was NOT my first Corvette.  I owned two Corvettes before Calypso.  My first was a C4 and my second was a C5.  As I named Calypso, I had named my C4, she was called "Black Rose" as that was her color.  The C5 never got named however, she was up until Calypso the most reliable car I had ever owned.  I have only one video of the C5 and none of Black Rose.  What you see below is pretty much it, in the form of tangible memories.  And to start this page off, the first picture is the day that I lost the C4 and replaced her with the C5.  More pics and stories follow:

It is a shame that there are NO videos of Black Rose, and precious few pictures.  Shown here are two pictures the day I was illustrating the point that owning a convertible of any type had advantages, in this case you could haul 8' 2X4s and 4X4s.

Shown here is the day that I changed her dashboard from the gloss black to the wood grain.  It was not an easy task - but worth it.

Black Rose also spent a hell of a long time at "THE CORVETTE SHOP".  While I was there and hanging around Larry Hofer's C5 would work on me.  So when Black Rose got to the point where the non-essential needed repairs got to be too much, I moved on with the motivation provided by Larry's C5 shown here.

So one day driving to work, I was stopped at a stop light next to a dealership that no longer exists - I saw MY C5.

And BLACK ROSE was eclipsed.

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