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People who love cars LOVE car shows.  I never attended any until I owned Calypso.  But the love of cars goes way back, further back than me.  This video, while not about Calypso; to me is symbolic and was recommended by Sandy; Bill Stringfellows wife.  She and I travel in convergent coils (another hobby of mine - studying convergent coils and their shared intersections called "Eureka Moments").  We have several Eureka moments, where our coils are momentarily shared.

If you would like to experience one of those moments.  Click here and it will take you on another tangent.

Calypso loves Car Shows.  The premier being PLASTIC FANTASTIC.  But she also regularly attends Main Street America, El Cajon Car Show and then in November, Vetts for Vets.  Calypso has won two trophies, one at Main Street America, and the second one at the EL Cajon Car Show.

Calypso is a member of the North County Corvette Club (NCCC), and that helps her "doing" the car shows tremendously and a few of the other things the club does as a group.

Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fantastic is hosted by our "Club" the North County Corvette Club.  So we don't put member cars in the "running".  But we still "SHOW".

Below here is a great overall video of our show.  And a sample of the local news promotion on the right.  Every year we host 400 Corvettes from across the country.  We are America's oldest


We at the club are fairly certain that the "Plastic Fantastic" is the oldest yearly All Corvette Car Show in the country.  We celebrated the 40th show back in 2017 and I was pleased that Calypso was front and center that year.

Check out the great Drone Video of the show above, or click on the picture on the right (or this link ) and read the article in LSX Magazine.

The El Cajon Car Show is a small local car show held almost weekly in the summer.  The NCCC only attends when we are invited specifically.

Calypso won one year.  We think it was strictly because of my Hawaii Decal, and the long conversation about the Kalahari interior really being Hawaii Red Dirt.  Note the music at the award ceremony on the video to the right here.

El Cajon
Main Street

Main Street America is an "any car" car show, and NCCC always attends.

Actually I was very surprised to win at this show.  The same year that the C7 ZR1's showed up.  I was shocked.

The Color match of this trophy is perfect!

This video is taken with my 360 camera, and in this case provides you Calypso's View of the show.  The music seemed appropriate.

Take note of the additional controls, or click and drag the image to take a look around.

One of my more memorable visitors at the 2019  Main Street America Car show.  Click on the Picture for the detail.

2021 PANO shot of "Main Street"

First Car Show following COVID.  Great view of the San Diego Convention Center in the background and the "Dome" seaward.  BUT it was during the So. Cal. Heat wave.  It got intense as the day wore on.  I departed @ 1:30.

Eleven NCCC entries, 4 Blue, 3 Yellow, 2 Red, and 2 gray.  Yes there were eleven entries Mark and Ruth showed up late due to a dead battery; but we were waiting for them - holding their spot.

Vettes for Vets

Sorry but the best I got for Vettes for Vets is with this 360 walk-around.  It's very unstable, but at least you will get the idea.

Ramona's American Graffiti Cruise Night

Ramona Cruise Night

If you want to see the entire ride.  You can see it through the Dash Cam view.


The small format shown here does not allow you to look around very well.  Use the link to YouTube to get a bigger view.  It's worth it.  To learn more about this event, read the article in the local paper about it.

Museum Rally

San Diego Automotive Museum Rally

The San Diego Automotive Museum held a "Rally" of sorts on Oct 10th 2020.  Primarily it was a "Run" with four stops which first included a visit to the Museum and ending at the Sycuan Casino.  The two interim stops were at JBA Speed Shop and Voloce Motors.  My friend Mike and I did the run.  Shown below are some highlight videos of the mornings drive.


Thomas Newman has several pieces of music pertaining to "Roads" - They seemed to fit the "Leg" videos.

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