This is Calypso's Time line.  From the very first thought that I might buy something to replace my C5 until the present day as documented on Face Book and on this site.  Below on the left the time line starts in 2012, two years before the C7's model year.  It runs down the page to the current year, month by month.  To the right of the time line, are buttons that will either take you to the Face Book post on the titled topic OR to a page on this web-site that features a major event of that month and year.  Clicking on the year or the month does nothing (for now).  Just the buttons on the right of center.


July and August were intense months with the Delivery and the "Route 66" Trip.  To the right here is the link to those two months.


While not a "Calypso" thing, this PDF does tell you about my pre-occupation with Solar Markings.

April and May have dozens of postings re: Spring Mountain Track days and Plastic Fantastic.  Both are covered in more detail on this site. 

Butterwood Raceway is a completely separate fetish - here is the link to it's YouTube Playlist.

May/June FB pages of The Trip are way too many.  That will be a  separate project.

I started this Web-site in March.  Virtually all of the normal FB posts with a connection to Calypso can already be found here on the web-site.  

I started to "Stay at Home" - Self Isolate on the 13th of March and trips in Calypso became virtually non-existent.  

As an example Calypso only traveled 74 Miles total in the month of September for a total time of 4 hours.

Only two trips of note - Ramona Cruise Night

                                and - San Diego Automotive Museum Rally -

No More Links below this point, at this time.

I will be adding more


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