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June 25th (see time-line) gave me the delivery date.  You can actually hear Shane Webb's message on the "People" page.  Calypso was to be built over a two week time frame starting on July 7th and then inspected, checked and serviced by the Museum staff over the week of July 21st.  The fully serviced new car would then be placed in it's location on the Museum Floor late in the day on July 25th and available for delivery on July 28th.  This calendar provides links to my Facebook postings over the intense two months.

FB posts about Calypso look like this:                                       Basic research about Corvettes look like this:

You can see Calypso being built and the Route 66 trip put to one piece of music "Follow the Sun" on the "Music Page", or you can watch the feature length movie on the "Trips - Long Rides - Route 66", or see the two books on the topic of "Delivery" and "Route 66 Trip" on the "Written Stories - Books" page.

(Finally - also note that in June, my biopsy had come back positive for cancer; I had Lymphoma.  BUT, I had to delay the radiation treatment until after I got back - I was NOT going to delay this two month goal of a lifetime.)


This will continue to be a work in progress due to difficulties with FaceBook privacy issues.

Some links to not link properly - if you encounter a black screen please let me know, which button on which day.  So that I can address it.

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