There are some things that are tangential to Calypso.  This is the page set aside for those things.  This is a page about things that are technically NOT "On Calypso", which is another page - about stuff ON Calypso.  In addition the actual "ON" Calypso was getting to be a huge page, as the years go on.

This is a page about things inspired by Calypso.  At the top of the list is Butterwood Raceway, motivated by Calypso and the famous "74" (which you can read about on the "Stories" Page.)


Butterwood Raceway

Okay, while not considered "On-Calypso" in the true sense of the word.  Butterwood Raceway is TECHNICALLY - ABOVE Calypso.  Butterwood Raceway is located in the Recreation Room above the Garage where Calypso rests - so in a manner of speaking Butterwood Raceway is ON Calypso.

Tour of Butterwood Raceway in "Mini-Me" #74

3rd Party Pics of the REAL #74

I am extremely thank full to three great organizations for helping me build Butterwood Raceway, shown here on the right.

The basic "starter track" was thanks to Joseph Wind of Nomad Raceways here in San Diego.

BUT THEN - expanded to it's current form motivated by Calypso, but very different.

And finally I enjoy working with Marc at Smart Race.  True there is a time difference with him being in Germany, but it's worth it.  

Again, this web-site is dedicated to Calypso.  And there is no web-site for Butterwood Raceway.  BUT if you click on the picture above it will take you to the Butterwood Raceway YouTube Playlist.  Yet another diversion.


"IN" not On Calypso. 

Part of the "Delivery Thing" were the delivery shirts.  Part of buying into the Museum delivery was to get my "Delivery Shirts".  I bought a short sleeve and a long sleeve (shown here).  They were excellent shirts and clearly marked, and more than appropriate for "formal" occasions.  But - I really needed something one step down for the shows.

SIX YEARS LATER, I found a company called Trendy Sweety.  Searching their web-site I found this page to the right.


I challenged them, with FOUR pictures, instead of just the one they show.  I got in touch with them, regarding my order.  It's been a very pleasurable experience.

I was attracted by the challenge of getting a TRUE Calypso shirt.  A brighter "formal" shirt; yet not as extreme as my "delivery shirt", and definitely more than a Tee-Shirt of which I have dozens; but none are strictly a "Calypso" shirt.  I found an organization that has a pretty wide world stretch, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City to name two.  By the number of different products on their web-site; they have to be in a lot of places.  They are a great company to work with and I am certain that you will find their wide-ranging products attractive.  I certainly appreciate my new shirt.  Check out the detailed picture.  Yup that is CALYPSO!  Four different angles arranged perfectly oriented.  All on a great Hawaiian print shirt.  And of course you all know that in Hawaii, an "Aloha" shirt IS considered FORMAL.  And those of you with fine eyes for detail; on the close-up - can you see it?  YUP. the button-hole does line up with the front wheel on the driver's side down angled shot.  I'll talk to them about having black buttons on my next order.

As it is with all of the Vendors that have helped me with Calypso, my new friends at Trendy Sweety support me in other ways.  They have visited this web-site and YES they have my permission to use it to promote their products.

My wife helped me with the button.  She had a selection of Black buttons and I picked one that came close to looking like my rims.

IF you want something very different and customized to go with your "thing".  Get in touch with them, the example picture of their site above is a link to their shirt site, and the map just above goes to their main web-site = LOTS OF OTHER STUFF.

Finally as a PS on the subject of shirts.  The one shown here is MINE.  My friend and main Camera Guy, Mike Smith has one as well.  You can see him wearing his in the videos of the San Diego Automobile Museum Road Run (Rally) at the bottom of the SHOWS page.

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