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This is a top level Page on "Track Time".  It is a quick overview.  If you want more detailed stuff; Please select one of these two sub-pages:

What follows here is an overview, that gets more and more detailed as it goes along.  First the inspiration to take Calypso on race tracks:

While Calypso does not go on Race tracks to "Race".  She has visited several race tracks and participated in what they call "track days" and "Parade Laps".  It is during those two types of activities that Calypso's performance and abilities are evaluated.  The various tracks that she has visited have "features" or aspects to them that challenge her performance.  During "track days" the cars are typically spaced apart from one another and the gaps between the cars will change depending on the driver's abilities and desire to test them.  On the other hand "parade" laps are escorted laps, and the speed is controlled by the pacing vehicle.  However even under those conditions the car can "hang back" from the pacing vehicle and then "perform" in the desired section of the track that exercises the performance characteristic.

While the video above lasts just over 4 minutes, these videos provide a little more detail with each lasting almost a minute a piece.

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