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This page contains videos with music backgrounds of specific parts of Calypso's Road Trips.  Music Videos not related to Road Trips or Tracks can be found on those pages.  The first four here at the top span the entire trips in different ways.

Delivery, Route 66, San Diego County.  Music is what was playing on the stereo at the time       5:45

Open the video in YouTube and go to the Description to see a list of the music.

Take the Long Way Home by Supertramp - with pictures from my iphone on the Big Trip     5:07

Friend supplied music as a medley of the big trip showing geographic location of each      11:25 

Time (Inception) by Hans Zimmer with selected short clips of the Trip      4:20

Half Trip and Half Track, here is a video that ties the two menu selections "Trips" and "Track Time" together.  In addition to the trip up, this video includes some of the short segments seen elsewhere on this web-site, as well as some "Touristy" stuff.  The sound track includes a medley of selections, Hans Zimmer, Jethro Tull and Joe Walsh.  Scroll down for some videos of the Cross Country Trips, or use this link to go to "Track Time".


There are three "Cross Country" trips.  The first was the "Delivery and Route 66" trip in 2014.  The other two trips, were done in 2019.  Those two trip's videos are shown further below, the first one.  The first one is a full length movie it is an hour and forty minutes long.  Best viewed in YouTube.  But here is the link to that video.

Route 66

Route 66

Three of my most favorite memories of the trip, first on the right the primary motivation and planning for the trip.  Then on the left below the Billy Connolly motivation for the stop at the OK City Memorial, and then on the right, the video I call "Brooks".

As Billy says in the motivation, it's the people you meet.  "Brooks" is one of those moments.  Now technically this video is of my discovery of the Route 66 Bridge over the Mississippi River on my second Calypso Cross country trip.  BUT because of the connection to Route 66 - and the "people" this favorite of mine is posted here.

While not a part of the original Route 66 Trip; I have included this video here, as it portrays a special story about the "Chain of Rocks" Bridge, the original Route 66 Bridge across the Mississippi River.

Cross Country


The Videos below are mostly from the second and third cross country trips, and they are grouped geographically.  Some of them are shot with my 360 camera (see "On Calypso" for a description of that camera).  360 Cameras may not play on all devices; and please if you do view a 360 video don't stay focused on Pete in the Driver's Seat - LOOK AROUND.

As a quick overview

Infinity Ripple's ~The Glow, the piece called Petal

Western States

Western States

Going to California (Led Zeppelin) - Jamie Dupuis          3:18

There is a short clip of the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca in this video at the beginning.

Aerial by Keith Kenniff  Corkscrew and Yosemite    3:23

Love of Strings by Moby  The Big Trip Utah         6:07

Rowena by Michael Kamen and Seattle Symphony    Utah     6:19

Night Drive by Garnet Rogers    Colorado         9:52

What makes you Beautiful by Piano Guys      Palm Springs     3:13

Rocky Mountain High by John Denver     Colorado     4:43

Interstellar Main Theme by Hans Zimmer   San Diego      4:07

Lucky Man by ELP    California Coast Hwy 1.                   4:37

Eastern States

Eastern States

Lost on You by LP   Upstate New York      4:29

Miss Misery by Elliott Smith      Mass. Pike         3:06

Lighthouse by Patrick Watson singing     Lincoln Woods            3:00

The Letter that never came by Thomas Neuman      4:14

Red Barchetta by Rush        Arkansas - Tennessee           7:04

In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins      Rhode Island     7:39

Drivin My Life Away by Eddie Rabbitt         New York City        2:56

Chest Fever  The Band        Indiana                          5:10

Nags Head by  Holly  (Holly Kicking Dust)                            3:14

Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad - Dom Flemons  W.Virg.    2:36

Carolina In The Pines by Alison Brown    Virginia/N. Carolina  4:55

Central States

Central  States

Route 66 - Nelson Riddle and Route 66 with Billy Connolly     4:22

These two videos share an identical opening scene.  East Kansas ("Kansas") is slightly different from West Kansas - and should be viewed using the 360 view.  Where as West Kansas ("Marathon") you have a single view to make the "flat" statement, especially at the end.

Dust in the Wind - Kansas    (actually in) Kansas        3:25

Theme from Rogers and Hammerstein's OKLAHOMA       3:20

Marathon - RUSH                                                                6:09

Dances with Wolves Medley by John Barry     8:46

Comfortably Numb by Jamie Dupuis                               5:11

Not everything about the central states is long and dragged out.  Oklahoma being no exception, it has a very sober memorial.  When Billy Connolly passed through OK City in his Route 66 series, there was a very  reflective scene, where he visited the OK City Memorial.  Here is a link to that video.

 AND the Music they selected at the end was VERY fitting.  So much so that I used the same piece of music  uninterrupted in my Route 66 Cross Country Video shown above.  This video on the right, is a teaser for his special, followed by the one scene from my video.

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