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I joined the North County Corvette Club primarily because of the SHOWS.  Specifically the "Plastic Fantastic", but it has also led to other things other than just the car shows.  I have been a few "runs" and "Rallies" (Car Rally).  This page contains some videos where JUST the NCCC was involved.  And as of this page's creation more might follow, now that Wendy seems to enjoy the "social" activities as well.  Wendy participated in one previous "run", but that was a multiple club event and is handled separately.  AND of course Wendy hosts the "Christmas Lights Tour" on Candy Cane Courts (future webpage on that).  But she doesn't have to leave the house for that.  Now then that being said; these videos are a little boring, but they do present the respective club activity.

This "Rally" is called the "C5 Rally", but all Corvettes in the club were welcome.  I was by myself in this Rally, and I had not participated in a Rally since the one I did back in Groton CT.  Never-the-less I WON.  This was an evolving "Rally" as you didn't know where you were going.  You only knew where the next stop was.  At each stop you got the name of the next place you were going.  Other people call this a "Mystery" run, but the C7 armed with the navigation system was perfect for the task. 

The "Deerpark Run" was actually a car show.  But the ride there was also somewhat of a "Rally" and since I didn't know where "Deerpark" was, it was a real mystery Rally for me.

This is also a 360 video so, you can look around and see the way that Calypso was packed for the "Show" part of this adventure, so all the "early" SHOW STUFF is there.

Then there was the "Corre Caminos" Run / Meeting.  I didn't attend the "Run" part, I only attended the meeting.

BUT,  it did allow me to get video of a "Run" arrival of the NCC Club members

In February of 2022, and the slow emergence from COVID lockdowns, the club held a Run / Picnic and marking Valentine's Day weekend.  Wendy and I had been talking about more things we could do together, and we decided to give a "Run/Rally" a shot.  Now then this was not entirely a "Rally" but I felt it would give her an idea of what it was like.  And very well organized by Dave, he had written instructions of the route we would take.  This was great, as my new Navigator was able to participate with a narrative of our route along the way.  I learned that all the fuss over Apple Car Play to get Google Maps up and running in my 2014 C7 was not really required for this type of activity - NOT LIKE the C5 Rally above.

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