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"IN" Calypso

Following the expiration of Calypso's Extended Warrantee, I no longer have to worry about what "they" will cover.  So I can start fiddling with "things".  This page will cover those "things".

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As you may have read on the "Stories" page, in 2014 there were some things about the new C7 Corvette that were not quite finished.  The story called "Why I own an iPhone" explains one aspect.  That aspect was what they call the Infotainment system.  Many of the features that they wanted to implement were not available in the 2014, so in comparison to other C7s in future years, the 2014 was lacking.  This is the story of correcting that shortfall.


As described in the first video above on this page, the "Infotainment system" as they called it, and shown here on the right, it fell a little short.  Do you see those arrows on the left and the right?  They go NOWHERE.  Now true enough for the last 6 years, I haven't really lacked for any "tainment".  I've used all of the features shown here.  BUT with a company now called Infotainment, which used to be "OEM Auto Parts", I have been really wanting to upgrade to their system, which replicates all the features all the way up to the final C7 year 2019.


Getting the System

Following the ordering process Infotainment got me a raw video clip and some pictures of my system before it shipped.

I have taken their material and edited it into a video shown here.  I talk you through the components and the installation process / locations.  The epic change from the original IO5 system to the IO6 system is underway.


System Installation

The system installation was done

at Pacific Auto Electric, here in Poway. 

Fast and Efficient, the entire installation

was well planned out with the exception of video capture.  That was a disappointment, there was just no way to get a video in the cramped spaces where the work was done.  Jeremy the owner did the job, and his attention to detail was amazing.  And the time to install was well inside the estimated two hours.  But I felt bad for him as his personal interest in doing the work interrupted his normal work.  I counted 5 times when he addressed fully the needs of other customers with electrical issues - all while doing the install flawlessly and with great attention to detail.


Learning to USE Apple Car Play

With the IO6 system installed and checked out, it was time to start learning the nuances of actually using Apple Car Play, and which apps I want to have and those that I don't care about.  This video is just the beginning of that adventure.

To say nothing of the new adventure - the PDR option button, begging the question, "Can I make that work??!!"  I believe that might be a 2014 exclusive for Calypso.  But it is not a hard requirement - not having the PDR option led to the vastly superior GARMIN VIRB EX and 360.

Apple Car Play

Motor Trend Magazine published an article on "Apple Car Play" - This will link you to that article.

Android Auto


On August 11th, 2023 Samsung announced the release of their Z Fold 5 Android phone.  I had been watching the reviews for this concept of a foldable screen and paid close attention to the reviews for the Z Fold 4, which had it's issues.  I spent a good deal of time reading about the ZFold5 in August and in September I went and checked one out.   

I made the decision and ordered the post release available "black one".  It took me 15 days to feel comfortable with the transition back to Android from my ~ nine years with iPhone.  The only issue that remained was the wireless Bluetooth.  And for that reason I ordered the SHAPPON dual phone Bluetooth adapter from Amazon.

The remainder of this page will stay available for further Android Adventures 



Yes, of course Bluetooth is wireless.  But it got your attention.  I have added a device to eliminate the "need" for the USB cable connected to my phone for the frequent "in-town" trips.  I highly recommend using the USB cable when on long trips such that the battery in your phone remains charged.  But for short trips around town where you are going to be getting into and out of the car.  The Bluetooth connecting device makes all the difference in the world - BUT there are some things you have to understand so that the words "unreliable" and "intermittent" don't creep into your description of the device.  To help with that I have made one video (shown below) and plan on making more.  Also included on the left is a review by Carguy11 on his YouTube channel, and on the right a vimeo video from the CPlay2Air web-site.  

Since the Carguy11 and CPlay2Air videos do a good job of the introductions.  My videos will cover the "inconsistencies".  This first one covers Bluetooth connection issues that you have to keep in mind.

The second video will cover the added "Wi-Fi" connection issues, and that will come as soon as I figure out how to demonstrate the issue of both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection and range issues.

This video shown here is bad enough forcing a 5 camera shoot to illustrate the point.

And the adventure Continues

Trendy Sweety

"IN" not On Calypso. 

Part of the "Delivery Thing" were the delivery shirts.  Part of buying into the Museum delivery was to get my "Delivery Shirts".  I bought a short sleeve and a long sleeve (shown here).  They were excellent shirts and clearly marked, and more than appropriate for "formal" occasions.  But - I really needed something one step down for the shows.

SIX YEARS LATER, I found a company called Trendy Sweety.  Searching their web-site I found this page to the right.


I challenged them, with FOUR pictures, instead of just the one they show.  I got in touch with them, regarding my order.  It's been a very pleasurable experience.

I was attracted by the challenge of getting a TRUE Calypso shirt.  A brighter "formal" shirt; yet not as extreme as my "delivery shirt", and definitely more than a Tee-Shirt of which I have dozens; but none are strictly a "Calypso" shirt.  I found an organization that has a pretty wide world stretch, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City to name two.  By the number of different products on their web-site; they have to be in a lot of places.  They are a great company to work with and I am certain that you will find their wide-ranging products attractive.  I certainly appreciate my new shirt.  Check out the detailed picture.  Yup that is CALYPSO!  Four different angles arranged perfectly oriented.  All on a great Hawaiian print shirt.  And of course you all know that in Hawaii, an "Aloha" shirt IS considered FORMAL.  And those of you with fine eyes for detail; on the close-up - can you see it?  YUP. the button-hole does line up with the front wheel on the driver's side down angled shot.  I'll talk to them about having black buttons on my next order.

My wife helped me with the button.  She had a selection of Black buttons and I picked one that came close to looking like my rims.

As it is with all of the Vendors that have helped me with Calypso, my new friends at Trendy Sweety support me in other ways.  They have visited this web-site and YES they have my permission to use it to promote their products.

IF you want something very different and customized to go with your "thing".  Get in touch with them, the example picture of their site above is a link to their shirt site, and the map just above goes to their main web-site = LOTS OF OTHER STUFF.

Finally as a PS on the subject of shirts.  The one shown here is MINE.  My friend and main Camera Guy, Mike Smith has one as well.  You can see him wearing his in the videos of the San Diego Automobile Museum Road Run (Rally) at the bottom of the SHOWS page.


DJI mini 3 PRO Drone aka Davy Jones

While this new device has no direct connection to Calypso, I have named it Davy Jones because of what will be a great loving relationship.  The new feature set of a properly sized DRONE is at hand.  This new "toy" was specifically purchased because it has the capability to "Follow" cars.  So I bought it for that purpose alone.  It will accompany me on future trips.

BUT - first I have to learn how to properly activate and monitor the "Active Track Mode" and understand how to smoothly achieve obstacle avoidance.  Here is a video of my first run.  Others when added will be added in their appropriate locations.

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