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Calypso as featured on John Riley Project PODCAST

John has made a slight change to the John Riley Project, there will be more focus on the "Pursue Happiness" part of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness".  My love of Calypso is a major contributor of that focus, as you will see below.  (And don't forget to visit the John Riley Project website this one will stay open.)

It started with "Corvette Happiness" - both parts 1 and 2.

Then there was the trip to the "Long Beach Grand Prix" and "Pete Neild, Mission Across America".

And then "Spring Mountain Adventure".

Calypso also played an integral role in the Podcast "Classic Rotors".

Then of course our constant back and forth on EV and ICE.

Finally PURSUE HAPPINESS, was a major inspiration to one of my favorite videos!!!


With all the C8 build-up and motivated by John's question in Corvette Happiness about when it all started.  I just re-found the video that in my mind started my passion for what became Calypso.  This is that video.  So with my memory refreshed; my passion for Calypso began in August 2012 two years before I parked Calypso in my Garage, following the delivery and Route 66 Trip, 


Calypso has been at the center of a few Podcasts, on John Riley Project; here are the links to not only his YouTube Channel posting of His Podcasts, but one that I have modified as well.



Long Beach and Mission

Be sure and read about "The Wrinkle in Time" on the Stories page about the unexpected benefit of going to this race.

360 Video of the Trip TO the Long Beach Grand Prix with John        13:42

John does a great job of adding

good descriptions to his Podcasts.

In this case, it leads to a slew

more videos.

Follow the instructions

in this PDF. 



Corvette Happiness

The subject of Allocation and Contraints are discussed; that were not covered in Corvette Happiness.  So the "whole" story is nearly 2 and a half hours.

The video above is the actual YouTube "Podcast" as aired in Feb of 2019, and of this date has had 333 views.  This past year (the one everyone wants to forget), I edited it with some additions.  Some video overlays to expand on what is being talked about.  Of course you can watch either one; but I encourage the one shown here on the right.

Spring Mountain Adventure

John Riley of The John Riley Project in addition to his excellent podcasts, has an amazing ability to capture the moment.  In the very brief appearance at Spring Mountain Raceway on May 1st, 2021.  He was able to be in 4 different locations to capture "The Right Shot".  On the left here his work fits oh so well with Carly Simon's "Anticipation".

Followed with four more "shots" capturing my "THREE LAPS".

Spring Mountain Adventure

After months of planning and the building of expectations.  He captures THE START.

While the shot to the right here is not "THE" capture of the Bus Stop Turn (more of this on the Track "Details" page).

He did capture the approach the turns themselves and the approach to the Michelin Bridge upon which he stood waiting.

On the second lap he captures the critical braking zone from the Front Straight and speeds from 114 to 118MPH, to the wide sweeping arc of Turn 1.

While just a slight change of position from the Second Lap's passing, he captures what turned out to be the "Victory" ending of the Track Day Mission.

Calypso HAD accomplished her mission, in spite of not being fully ready for the two full "Track Days".

Again more on this on the Track "Details" page.


While NOT a Podcast about CALYPSO

She did assist in the promotion of another John Riley Project

Classic Rotors

I was delighted to introduce John to my friend Mark.  And the little introduction "game" that Calypso and I played was indeed fun in the making.  Watching and listening to John's linear deductive reasoning was a real treat.

My friendship with Mark goes back a bit, way before Calypso.  I knew Mark not only from work but also from my attempt to help him try and get the "Roton Rocket", which was the inspiration behind SpaceX's desire to have a first stage re-use of the Stage 1 Rocket Booster.  Unfortunately transport of the Roton Rocket from Mojave Air and Space Port was too difficult and they eventually took custody of the Rocket.

But, on the personal side.  That attempt did align with my "Corvette" thing.  The multiple trips to Mojave to assist Mark and the attempts by Classic Rotors marked the first long distance trips of the "Black Rose" my first Corvette.

You won't learn more about "Black Rose" at the Museum, but you can learn a hell of a lot more about the Roton Rocket.


Corvette EV

Corvette EV
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