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NOT CALYPSO = "Lani Lani"

Lani Lani Completes THE PROMISE

This page is NOT about Calypso.  This is a story afforded by "Lani Lani", which is Hawaiian for Morning Sky.  Lani Lani played a significant role in a story that is encompassed by the time that I have owned Calypso and Corvettes in general; and she surpassed all the requirements needed to complete a promise made.  There is no need for Calypso to get jealous, Lani Lani full-filled a need only.  She played an instrumental role, and that is all that needs to be said.  The PDFs shared below here tell the story.

If you wish to skip the story behind the story and just "see" Lani Lani at her best, you can watch "my" video, where I pick your view on the left here.


Pick your own view of the same video but via the 360 camera view using the YouTube controls.  I highly recommend viewing this on a large screen and actually on the YouTube application.

Story behind the Story

Now for the story behind the story, and this IS multi-layered.

The short video shown here on the right merges Solar Noon on June 21st 2017 to the morning of Sept. 7th 2021.  It provides a brief introduction to the purpose behind renting Lani Lani - to keep a promise and to move beyond the moment that required it.

The longer unedited version "God Rocks - A four year span" (below) tells a visual story of Mike's connection to God that started at the moment of the wreck on the Solstice June 21st 2017, which is also featured in the two John Riley Project Podcasts; (not on this site's Podcast Page): "Near Death Experience" and "Reliving a Near Death Experience" and particular attention to this portion of the podcast.

Presented here are three downloadable PDF files.  They are actually link documents.  They will link you to the various YouTube videos that have been made that document this trip, a brief hiatus from time with Calypso.

The first PDF "A Promise Kept" tells a very interwoven story about two guy's adventures on the island of Maui.  The roots of the adventure go back very far and this PDF provides aspects of the story with links to portions of the story on video.

Throughout I keep referring to Lani Lani.  Lani Lani is the name that I gave the C8 Corvette.  She is actually owned by Hans Hansen who lives on Maui.

He rents Lani Lani to those with Corvette appreciation via TURO.

This second PDF "MORE VIDEOS . . ." completes the story started with "A Promise Kept" with some 360 videos and others with more detail about the adventure, how it started years ago and now how it was finished.

It is fairly obvious that this entire story and departure from Calypso, takes place on Maui.  No trip to Maui would be complete without some beach scenery.  This PDF completes that need.

This PDF file provides links to the YouTube Playlist in it's entirety, which is a direct list of the videos for the PDF stories shown here on the left.

Finally, the video to the right is a "teaser", a commercial if you will for a series of podcasts that deal with bizarre tangential stories that continuously branch off of the primary story told via this webpage.  It begs the question of analysis of other stories as deep and as lengthy as this one of your own experiences.  In other words:

What Reality will your Trip be in?

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