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While not the original motivation behind the naming of Calypso, the number of parallels needs to be expressed.  Here is a merge of two videos, the video advertisement I made, and a video done by Si Ditris that perfectly tells the story of the love between Davy Jones and Calypso with just the right editing of selected clips from the movie.

I am very thankful to John Boothby for the original naming of Calypso and you can read about him on the People Page.  Or you can go directly to the PDF story behind the actual naming.

Again, the entire concept of "naming" a car comes from my family, and specifically my sister Cynthia.  You can read about that on the People Page as well or straight to her contribution here on the right.


OR - you can check out any of the links below.  They tell yet another related story.  Thanks to my son Jesse, he reminded me of this connection that I had forgotten about.  Calypso in the Movie Series "Pirates of the Caribbean" also has a good connection to the driving love I have for MY Calypso.  And me having been a sailor and all - well it just fits SO WELL.

The intertwined stories in the movie series focuses a good deal on Calypso and Davy Jones in the second of the series.  There is a loose connection to the mythology of the true Calypso, but the real emphasis is on the LOVE OF CALYPSO in both directions.  As the four videos clips posted on YouTube (and here) shows.

Here are two versions of the same story of "Calypso" in the movie, on the left close captioned, on the right a narrative.

"Davy Jones" by one of my favorite artists Hans Zimmer"

"Calypso" played by the actress Tia Dalma.

I encourage you to view this video on YouTube via the link. Si Ditris provides links to the sources in this video (and that added in above) in his YouTube Description - and I encourage you to visit those as well even though in my opinion this is the best work. 

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