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My YouTube Music Playlists

But first my favorites

The first two are two favorite pieces of music to favorite "roads".  Calypso on the left. Lani-lani on the right.

Two sections of Road (and moods) in Yosemite,

on the left the arrival from the N/E and around the flat of the park itself.  This is shown in light blue on the map below on the left. 





And then,



When Wendy and I left, we went due south through the area that had been burned in one of the more recent Yosemite Fires.  That route is shown in dark blue on the left.

Josie's Tune seemed to be the best piece of music to set the mood as we drove through the "burn-out" and back into the Green of what most people remember about


My best memories of the Around the Country Trip

West To East - -  W. Virginia                                    and                                    East to West - - Colorado

Here are the playlists:

Inspired by a friend, regarding my prolific number of videos; I have added this page, which provides Links to my YouTube Playlists featuring Calypso put to music.  Rather than going to each page on this web-site looking for the different pieces of music, they are all in order on these three playlists and will play consecutively.  There are over 100 pieces of music in total divided amongst the three pages shown here, and as you can see these links are old - many more videos and views since I added this in February of 2021.

Also note that currently "The Trip Music" is being redone.  I am moving the 360 Videos to the VR Calypso list, and replacing them with the "story" behind each piece of music in "The Trip Music".

Each picture provides a link to the YouTube PlayList, simply click on the picture and that Playlist will open on a separate page.  If you wish to see my "other" playlists some about Calypso and some by others but C7 related visit the YouTube Playlist selection on the Links Menu, or click here to go there directly.

If you have a VR headset, I encourage you to visit Calypso's VR Playlist.  All of the videos are 360 videos, such that you can look all around.


You can just use the YouTube controls to select where you want to look.

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