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Bowling Green

Since the very beginning of even the concept of "Calypso" there have been references to Bowling Green Kentucky in many locations. One example is shown in this picture. The delivery folk at Bowling Green not only have your back, but they let you know from the ground up. To this day the inked names of those who inspected Calypso prior to the delivery on the 29th are there as a constant reminder right below the Driver's seat, underneath Calypso. I am very pleased to have added additional focus to my two trips to the Museum on my "Stories" page of her Web-site. OR you can skip to the chase and download (the link below - to read later) the story about all the different aspects of this focus on the National Corvette Museum. Thank YOU Shane, Larry, Lori, Justin, Donnie, David, Scott, and Mack. You ask us to "Keep the Dream Alive" - well you make the DREAM POSSIBLE.

R8C - Delivery - Motorsports Park
Download PDF • 94KB

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