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NO C8 E-Ray for me

In a conversation with my account managers Don and Lisa at TIAA, I realized that I had not made a blog post in awhile. So here it is. NO, there will not be a C8 E-Ray in my immediate future. It's not that they couldn't or wouldn't assist me in another purchase; they were very interested, the topic damn near dominated our usual update Zoom meeting. No, the reasons for not going the E-Ray way at this point was strictly technical between me and my car. So Calypso is going to be with me for awhile. At least until the Corvette people come up with solutions to two issues that I explain in the lower half of the NOT Calypso page. As to the picture above, yeah that's Lani Lani 2 at the Wright Brothers Memorial at Kitty Hawk North Carolina - another version of "FIRST IN FLIGHT".

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