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Updated: May 25, 2020

I have been asked on occasion about the picture in the upper left corner of every page on this web-site. I use this picture very often.

Actually there are several stories about this picture, that span several years. I will be adding to the "Stories" page shortly a page or two that summarizes, those stories. But first the story of the taking of the picture. That story is best shown with a video of the 5 cameras that came into play with this one picture and the three guys that were using them - all capturing the "moment". THAT video can be found on the "Stories" page now. But as an intro = I was one of those guys and I had 3 GoPRO cameras inside Calypso at that moment. And the story behind that is shown in a video on the "About Page". Another camera was manned by Mike Smith, and the third guy was the professional that captured the picture shown here. I want you to take note that this picture is sharply focused, only the wheels show any indication of motion. The guy was indeed a professional, and as soon as I get his name and company from Spring Mountain - I will add his part of the story and get it posted. So be sure to revisit.

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