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First Shot at a Possible New Tangent

I haven't promoted or endorsed anything on this website if it didn't directly involve the participation of Calypso. This is a first. I am indeed "promoting" this restaurant, because of the "like thinking" of the owners and me, plus the food of course. And no Calypso is NOT involved in this at all. Other than the original motivation behind her purchase, based on the inspiration of my high school years - THE SIXTIES. The owners of MANGIAMI are a young couple, who have created a "theme" for their selections and naming of an entire section of widely diverse offerings. If the opportunity presents itself I highly encourage one of their great evening meals. Note that the name of the place in this post is the link to their website. There is no "spot" or "page" on this website that gets into more detail. If you want to know about the motivation behind this post, you'll have to read the PDF file.

Download PDF • 531KB

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