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IF you are trying to view this on a phone.  DON'T!!!  It was not designed for phone or small tablet viewing.  This web-site has 360 videos as well, best viewed on a PC with a compatible Graphics package for 360 viewing.


If you took, or you were given one of these cards, you don't have to stay on this page.  This is just my blog.  Use the menu bar at the top to visit the other pages on this web-site.

And don't forget to email yourself this link so you can view this better on your PC.


This is a web-page all about Calypso, my C7 Corvette.  As I add more stuff to this Vlog, they will be listed below, just follow the blue arrow.  However, your primary direction is to visit the other pages on this site to see the videos that are the background to this Vlog.  Most are music videos, but some of them are informative.

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