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I am so VERY Honored

The other day I did one of my occasional checks to see who visited this website.

Much to my surprise and now HONOR, I discovered that within the last 30 days (April 6), I had a visitor check out 15 pages of Calypso's website. That visitor was in a little town called Vinnytsia. I say "little"; but in reality the 370,601 people occupy 43 square miles, having started in the year 1363; which is by population 7.4 times larger, almost the same size (Poway 39 sq. miles) but they did get a 617 year head start (Poway became a city in 1980). Hell they even have their own airport (just to the east).

Now this isn't the first visitor from Ukraine. I've had others from Odessa, and a couple from Dnipro. But these people are at war now with Russia. Vinnytsia, is a ways away from the fighting and probably why the visitors from Dnipro and Odessa haven't visited lately = they have more on their minds right now. SO, I hope who-ever it was that visited from Vinnytsia, on April 6th, not only did you enjoy the site, but enjoyed thinking about something else other than war for as long as you did. After all we both love blue and yellow. You are on my mind more than you know. THANK YOU CORVETTE LOVER.

Sorry - no links to other pages from this Blog entry.

And yes, I have had visitors from Russia as well, but they will go without mention for now while their leaders make my HONORABLE Visitors from Ukraine lives miserable.

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