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Calypso and a new Corvette Owner

The background behind this FB post.....

AND WOW - no new posts to Calypso's Website in the month of March. Well this is will make up for it in the first few days of April. I've added a whole new page. An event took place seven years ago with Calypso that was the first part of a Eureka Moment. (Eureka moments talked about in John Riley Project Episode JRP0041 ).

The closure of the Eureka Moment in this case took place just yesterday (April 5th). BUT the fulcrum moment took place in the month of March. Another Corvette has a home on Butterwood Court, perhaps motivated by Calypso. And yes, Calypso has played with her new friend on Poway Road already.

Now that the Eureka Moment is closed, by a post on the "Simply Corvettes" FaceBook page. The page for those Corvette owners stories about "Why buy a Corvette" can be found on Calypso's new page under "Shows" on the menu bar and "Show Stories".

BTW the post on the Simply Corvettes page was made 2 hours ago and has 256 views out of the 23.8 thousand members - not a bad response so far and clear evidence that Corvette owners KNOW of stories like this one. Visit the page.

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