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Calypso in Virtual Reality

Over the last couple of weeks, I have made a major leap, going down a whole new path. That I am now sharing ON Calypso's WEBSITE. While I have known about Virtual Reality for many years now, I finally made the plunge - and low and behold a connection to CALYPSO. So here it is: A new method for those of you that have access to Virtual Reality systems, and in my case Meta's Oculus system.

I am fairly certain that the number of people that have their own systems is pretty rare, but for my peer group - check with your Grandkids. The number of units in that population is pretty high. Ask them to borrow it - or better yet have them set it up for you with the playlist of videos with the link provided on VIRTUAL REALITY IN CALYPSO.

As of right now there are 15 videos on the list with over 100 minutes of viewing pleasure. I WILL BE ADDING TO IT AS TIME PROGRESSES.

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