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The Color Blue

Wow ! ! ! Several months since my last Blog Post. And the topic for this one goes way back. I wrote about the topic of this post 10 years ago, well BEFORE Calypso. But the topic of me and my favorite color, that manifested itself on Calypso goes even further back as you can see. In a conversation yesterday during a happen chance meeting with a friend of mine and subsequent postings on FB the topic is in the forefront again - and I didn't have any links for the background to the story. SO motivated by my friend "Chuck" (not his actual name - but the one he is using these days) the document is now provided and accessible via a number of links - all in an hour's worth of work. And as a BTW - the Christmas stocking hanging on the doorknob above - I still have it. Unfortunately for my Grandkids - the peddle car is long gone.

Now then the links - First directly to the document.

The page of Calypso's website where you can find it. (You'll have to scroll to it.)

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