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Motivated by a very complimentary magazine article. I have added a page about my first two Corvettes. As I stumble across more pictures and the stories, I will add them to this new page.

I'll start with the fact that I have owned Corvettes since I turned 50, State Farm was going to up my premium for me on motorcycles. Apparently, they don't like Old Guys on Motorcycles. So I asked what could I insure at the same price I had been paying. The answer was anything, but motorcycles. I asked, "Even Corvettes?" The answer was yes. So in April of 2000, the hunt was on. I gave my list of desired "features" to a friend of mine who searched for "custom" used cars. He called me about a week later and said that he had found my car, but that I probably wouldn't like it. I asked why. He said, you're not going to like the color. I reminded him that I had not specified a color, just that it be subdued - no reds or yellows or anything that would attract police officer attention. He said, yeah it's subdued -but it's PURPLE. I went and checked it out. I found out that it was NOT Purple it was "Black Rose". SO, I bought what became known as "BLACK ROSE", as it had all my other desired options. And my Love of Corvettes began.

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