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Hotwheels 10 years downstream

Wow, the story just keeps going. Here we are deeply into the C8 generation, and I can still find "new to me" things for Calypso's website. It happened just this past week. I don't remember how I stumbled upon it, but I became aware that Hot Wheels had a Laguna Blue C7 under their Gran Turismo series. With the exception of the chrome wheels almost an exact match of Calypso. I had to have one!!!

I found one for sale on Ebay in the original package and it was only $7 including the shipping. It was a must have!!! I got it yesterday, and now it is time to put it on Calypso's website. It's there. Where you can learn about how the Gran Turismo game was a major factor in the purchase of Calypso.

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