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Davy Jones

A little bit ago, most of you know that I purchased a Drone. AND you know that I'm learning a lot about it, by the videos you have seen me post on FB. Well it is time to bring it full circle. I have now got "Davy Jones" fully tied into Calypso's website. The cross connect of the names between Calypso and Davy Jones is made and the two immediately impacted pages are now cross connected. I haven't pasted ALL of Davy Jones's videos here on Calypso's webpage; but I have posted one long one 14+ minutes of my first attempt at using the Track and Automatic Track features with Calypso. And finally I gotta say that picking the Royal Albert Hall Organ version of Hans Zimmer's Interstellar sound track worked out real well. Even the background storm sounds fit well with the trepidation created by the Santa Anna winds we had the day I attempted this first trip with Calypso with Davy Jones tracking her.

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