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Changes over Memorial Day

I have made some additions all over the place over the Memorial Day weekend. I added in the link to the original Route 66 Trip, the one that came right after the delivery. I have changed the menu structure slightly. "Papers" and "Stories" are now sub-menu selections under a new Heading called "Written Stuff". Also in anticipation of some more changes to "Tracks" and "Details", I have a new menu title called "Track Time" with two sub-menus "Tracks" and "Details". In the not too distant future, the same thing will be happening to "Trips", as that is getting a little lengthy.

A new "growth" area, is the "People" addition. As you know there have been key people throughout my life, that helped develop my love of cars and particularly Corvettes (Yes, Calypso is indeed my third). I have decided to acknowledge them. I have asked several people for one page descriptions of their contribution to the whole "thing" that IS CALYPSO. I feel it is important to recognize those people who have inspired. So as the pages come in, they will be posted to the "People" page which is the new third sub-menu item on the "Written Stuff" page.

BUT, don't focus on just these additions (changes). Be sure to at least visit all the pages, as there is new stuff all over the place - - - - - OK with the possible exception of the "Shorts" and "Pod-Casts". Enjoy!!

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