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A whole new Dimension - or - Calypso approaches a Tesseract!

Yeah, this is my Carbon Fiber Dash. But in this case it is just a starting point. Obviously if you have visited the site before, you know there are a massive number of links between this site and my YouTube (channels), as well as the John Riley Project Pod-casts. It suddenly occurred to me this morning that it would also be possible to link to things on my FaceBook page; that didn't individually rise to a topic on the web-page - on top of that, why should I duplicate the effort. (OK a little bit of effort to get it rolling and to cover the last 6 years.)

SO - Some of you know the connection between Marco Polo and the Carbon Fiber trim work on C7 Corvettes. If you didn't, you can follow this link to that story, it's right at the top of my "Papers" page. AND also the connection to my FB page, from which I got the picture shown here. That FB link is the first test of the ability to link this web-site to my FB page, but doesn't add much other than the fact that I got the Carbon Fiber Dash on Feb 4th 2015 and of course the "likes" and "comments" from some friends at the time.

ANYWHO - This post is just to let you know that I will now be tying this site to my FB page and as I have been vice-versa. Watch for more as the story of Calypso continues in both locations.

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