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B777 and Calypso

Wow - no blog posts for over a month. I had my son and grandson here. They have gone now, so time for an addition. The first being an observation I made about their departure out of LAX. Now true enough the aircraft was light, due to low international travel and so the GE90 performance was optimized. But the take-off roll was surprisingly short = less than 1/4th of the runway. THAT's ACCELERATION - 330,000 lbs of thrust. Which got me to thinking. How does that compare to Calypso. Well this past month I wanted to optimize my time with them so I made a high-speed run to Escondido for something I had to have. On that run, I got a little carried away on an on-ramp. Keep in mind that the angle of departure between the on-ramp and "take-off" was about the same. So if you want to read about the comparison between a B777 and Calypso, with this back-story, visit the bottom of the "Story" page. Look for the story, "Over 100 You be flyin'."

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