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40MPH @ the Corkscrew

About 3 years ago my Playstation 3 quit. I lost the USB power to all the controller connections and therefore the game was useless. I put out a request for a working used PS3. Last week Game Stop in CMR, called me - they had one. A half hour later I was setting it up. BUT the downside was I was a "Novice" again, in my favorite Gran Tourismo 6. All of my awards, points, and credits from years ago were GONE.

Over the last week, I have been spending a lot of time going through all the "Novice" and "Beginner" requirements and now I'm back. I have the virtual Calypso (#74) and the infamous "Yellow" (C7R entry level). The actual C7R is still out of reach at the moment. Wendy assisted me in getting the two player requirements set up. So I'm all set for when this "Social Distancing" (my couch is not 6" long) is over. And for you local folk, don't forget PS3 plays the games in 3D . You are IN the game.

BUT the bigger news is I CAN PRACTICE AGAIN; and it has paid off big time. Note the picture above (careful it's a link to the Track Details Page, as this is); I'm doing 40MPH @ the Apex of Turn 8 (rubble strip seen on the extreme left above).

And not only that, I have Calypso (#74) back. She now joins the Real Calypso, and the Mini-Me Calypso of Butterwood Raceway. Maybe, just maybe; I'll add the videos of all the cities I drove my first PS3/ GT5 C7 through while I was waiting for Calypso to be built. Let me know, here is the link to my YouTube Play List on my GT5 videos. It wouldn't take much to add a page to my "Trips" menu. AND it would add nearly an hour (9 videos) to the total time one can spend on this web-site.

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