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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I wasn't entirely honest yesterday when I first posted this. I have modified the "Papers" page to be more fully (but not completely) open on the topic. I am now in a back-filling mode with Calypso's web-site. I'm adding things that up until now I have skipped over. This one is on the ELSD, (Electronic Limited Slip Differential), which was part of the Z51 Option. It was an important option for me, because of my desire to drive on some race courses, three of which have "bus-stop" turns or as GM calls them "slalom" turns. The fundamental purpose behind the differential found in all cars is to deal with the physics of keeping the wheels "right" for the road. BUT, the 2014 C7 Corvette added in the "electronic" portion. Taking into account actual wheel turn, steering and lateral G forces. Following my experience with my Austin Healey, way back when and the issues I had with the stock wire wheels, which I converted over to solid. I wanted the ability to do up to 90 degree turns at greater than 45MPH. Something I was not able to achieve without the loss of control on every car I had ever owned. I have already posted the handling of the "bus-stop" at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park. But I have added my very first experience with the ELSD on my very first day with Calypso. I gotta tell you my take away from those 10 seconds were magical. I knew I had purchased the right car for the driving experience I wanted to live.

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