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A Geographic Medley

I have completed (for now) a major overhaul of the 2019 Trip Playlist and #1 on the list is the Medley. This first entry on the "THE TRIP MUSIC" playlist is the video that shows you the section of Hwy/Road that I was on when the music fit. The video is just less than 20 minutes long and is a series of short clips, showing the road, and playing a portion of the music. If you select "Show More" in the Description, it will provide you the links to the individual YouTube postings of that road with that music from the video taken at the time.

The next video flips that paradigm around a little the second video on the list is "Our Country over 'Time'" where the piece of music is Hans Zimmer's "Time" and there are short clips of the varying geography as seen from Calypso on the trip.

Following those two "intros", are the YouTube videos showing the road videos to the music, in the order that they were done on the trip.

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