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I have embarked on a NEW ADVENTURE. And there is a new page on Calypso's Web-site. On the menu it's under "Other Stuff", and it is called "IN Calypso". I explain the beginning of a new adventure with Calypso on this page, as there is something new being added IN Calypso. Back in 2014, as Calypso was being built, they started to tease the new features that were going to be offered in the 2015, and continued to grow clear through 2019, when the C7 production stopped. With the help of a company whose product I have been dreaming of since 2015 (INFOTAINMENT), I will be documenting the project of updating Calypso to the last iteration of the C7 lifespan. I will be posting updates as the project moves along, and you will be able to join in with the successive posts. IF you like what you see - hit up INFOTAINMENT; they got stuff for more than Corvettes.

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