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Chicago - Route 66

On my "Trips" page, I noticed a concentration on my most recent dual cross-country trip, and not so much the First Calypso Trip, my Route 66 Trip; which I did after picking up Calypso from Bowling Green. So to correct that, I have added a video to the "Central" portion of the United States maps that organizes my trip videos (at the bottom of that page). It's titled "Chicago Rt 66".

The video has the theme song from the old TV show "Route 66", which is a show I watched as a pre-teen and teenager. It strongly influenced my desire to own a Corvette and tour the country, at some point in my life. And the video ends with another inspirational summary of the Billy Connolly TV series (4 shows) "Route 66". So perhaps this video, will inspire you to do a cross-country trip. If not, perhaps a link sent to me by my adopted Brother John Boothby, A map of "American Literature's Most Epic Road Trips". BTW John B. also inspired the naming of Calypso, but that's another story.

So, I hope you enjoy a quick trip down Adams/Wabash from S. Michigan, to S. Wells (just shy of the Willis Tower), and then some snip-its of Billy's trip, showing some of the places I visited along the way. We even ended our trips in very nearly the same spot, with I think my picture being the better "end shot". It book-ended the picture shown here on this blog.

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