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CoVid-19 "stay at home"

The "stay at home" is wrecking havoc with lots of things. To Calypso, no thoughts of track time, no car shows, hell even the club meetings are non-existent.

It's been awhile since I added anything to the blog, or anything big to the site for that matter. Just little things here and there. Most at your recommendations via email or conversation have been done. One big addition was my acknowledgement of my two key dealerships both Bob Stall and Courtesy Chevrolet on the About page. I've been thinking about adding in credits to the people who have helped me with my obsession. But most are already covered in one way or another on one page or another. I so appreciate their support in this passion of mine. So, I'm just thinkin' out loud here - let me know your thoughts.

Now then on the "stats" of the site. Almost 250 visitors so far, and at the beginning people just came and went. Ever since the "Stay at Home" instructions came out; people who are visiting are now spending some time here, visiting multiple pages. This is very cool - this is why I built this site.

Finally - if you have any Calypso stories that you would like to know more about. Let me know what they are and I will see what I can do to flesh things out a little more. Other than that, just more time to think about where I put the QR codes on Calypso; but there is no rush on that with no car shows in the near future. The only people being invited to the site with the QR code are the store parking lot visitors, at the rate of one or two per grocery store visit.

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