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Documenting the May 1st Track Day

I have almost finished the addition of my May 1st Track Day time at Spring Mountain Raceway to Calypso's webpage. I only have a couple of more things to add. The video above now comes off the list. Appropriately titled "Retrospective Perspective", in it's creation I attempt to put everything that transpired into perspective. Yes, the trip was cut short, but I did meet one objective and that was to do the Bus Stop Turn better. It proves, that I have learned from my hours of analysis and made that section of the track smoother and faster. If I had made a better decision regarding tires, perhaps I would have been able to meet my second goal and that is to make a lap in under 3 minutes. That goal presented in the video below.

BUT - please don't forget my good friend and his passion. The John Riley Project now includes a podcast about the ADVENTURE we shared on the Podcast page. With a couple of links to the Track Detail page as well.

Now I start thinking about my shot at breaking through the 200 second barrier.

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