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Find New Roads

Back in 2014/15 there was a YouTube "Game" for new C7 owners. It picked up the name from the Chevy promo "Find New Roads". The deal was that you were to make videos of roads that you had been on, and post it. Then viewers were supposed to figure out which road it was. I made three of them. Up until now I had only put one of them on Calypso's Web-site (and you can guess which one) - (adding to the game concept). This means that I had to expand the "Trips" page to a Menu/sub-menu format. So the new page link is: That being said, the video that had been posted was moved to this page and it is no longer on the page it was on, again to make a game of it guess which one.

THAT being said - let's kick this up to a revival of the game. It doesn't necessarily HAVE TO BE Corvettes. Any car - Any road - Any music = make the video and post it providing the link to me. I'll add it to this "Find New Roads" web-page. I'll FB post notice when there are new ones - IN THE INTERIM, take a guess at the three I've posted to get this started - and yes there are hints - in the videos.

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