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Four New Videos added

Motivated by my friends John and Albert, and family (primarily my sister), I have added 4 new videos to two of Calypso's Trips pages, both Long-Rides and San Diego County. Of course you will have to scroll down to get to them from the links (underlined). You can find "Going to California" in the "Western States", "Nags Head 360" in the "Eastern States" and "Comfortably Numb" in the "Central States" of the Long-Rides page. Then finally you can see the temporary "Poway Moon Shadow" on her San Diego County page, under the heading of "City of Poway", my home town. I say temporary, because this one will be replaced some day. I blew the night when I filmed this one. I wanted to capture the Snow Moon, but I went on Saturday, instead of Friday. So I missed the coincident sunset lighting, so this video is too dark. BUT with that said, you can still make out the lights of Poway down the right side as I drive down into the City from the rising Snow Moon rising directly behind me.

Now another project that I am working on; I am linking the videos from two of my YouTube Play lists together. I am going to create a PDF document of all the videos with links to the videos of the 2019 "Mission Across America". This PDF document will link both sets of videos both Music and "En-route" videos together, in the order that they were taken. At the same time I am adding "End Screens" in the YouTube videos that will link you to the next video in sequence.

Now with that said, there is one other "New one". And I need your help. The new one is "Baltimore" by Randy Newman. At the moment, it's my favorite song, and while it should go on the "East Coast" section of "Long-Rides" - there isn't any room for it without some major jostling. AND on the actual Long-Ride, I never actually passed through Baltimore. The highway shown in this video is as close as I got, a little east of Baltimore - but the piece of music is GREAT. So where should I post this video on Calypso's site?

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