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G Force

There are two things in the Post today. First, the mission - adding stuff: I have added a short video on the analysis tools for G Forces on the "Track Time - Details" page. This video compares and contrasts the extraction of G Forces from the PDR data via the Cosworth software and that of Harry's Lap Timer software app.

Shown here is one particular incident of lateral G Forces and my preferred method of performing the analysis of what I was doing at the time. The different levels of lateral G's create a very good visual representation by color. Green being low and Crimson being very high. While performed during a period of deceleration (braking), a slight adjustment of the steering angle and the application of power corrected the adverse lateral G's. Sometimes it is better to coast than to apply brakes, when trying to maintain steady lateral G's.

SECOND THING! I have received some complaints that some of my pages are getting pretty long. Apparently you have to scroll too much to get to the bottom. I have come down off my high horse and added "Anchors" to the web pages where the pages are longer than on roll of the thumb-wheel. And I'll add more "Anchors" as the pages get bigger over time. SO, on the "Trips", "Details" and "Shows" pages, if you look on the top left of the screen; you will find a new "floating" menu. That will automatically take you to that particular sub-subject on that page. More will be added as I get around to it.

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