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Google Side-Bar

A little bit of a side bar here. It has to do with "web-sites" and "Google". Having named her Calypso, was not a good idea with regards to having a web-site about her. She is justifiably well down the list of searches on Google if you type in "Calypso" by itself. There are bunches of much more important "things" called Calypso; the Greek Goddess, the Oceanographic research ship, HMS Calypso the British war ship, and countless other things like businesses and such. So typing in just "Calypso" by itself is pointless. Your search will end up well beyond page 10 (as of this moment). Adding in "C7" and/or "Corvette" helps, but her mentions on John Riley Projects and my old City Council Campaign site still rank higher. I have added in the web-site URL on each of the pod-casts that are mirrored on my "Pod-Cast" page, so that cross connect is made. My only concern is some visitors might get caught in an endless loop between the two sites. As to the tie-in to my Campaign web-page this is not really a major concern yet; but after the November election here in 2020, I will be revitalizing my campaign site for my 2022 run (again). Again, this is a strange side-bar post, but chalk it up to this learning experience in general about authoring a web-site = AND to my FB friends that happen to visit the site because this blog - don't think for a minute that when this web-site gets up and running fully that my posts on my FB page on Calypso are going to end - THEY ARE NOT.

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